Product Overview

IAI Robot is World No.1 Selling of Single Axis Actuator and All of 100% Production in Japan.


Slider Type

IAI Slider Actuator Used for transporting and positioning work pieces. 24V pulse and 220V servo motor versions. Strokes up to 1200mm and speeds up to 1800mm/s.

Rod Type

IAI Rod Actuator Used for pushing, positioning, lifting or parts insertion 24V pulse and 220V servo motor versions Strokes up to 500mm and speeds up to 800mm/S

Table Type

IAI Table Actuator Used for applications similar to the rod, but with axial loading capability
24V pulse and 24V/240V servo motor versions Strokes up to 200mm and speeds up to 600mm/S

Rotary Type

IAI Rotary used for high speed rotational positioning or index tables, 24V pulse and 220V servo motor versions Built in gearing and multiple rotation capability Servo version allows ±0.005º repeatability at 800º/sec

Gripper Type

IAI Gripper or centre product, or on cartesian and arm robots, 24V pulse motor, slide or lever action types Up to 100mm stroke or 180º movement with various grip forces.

Mini Type

IAI Mini Actuator Rod and table types in size and shape similar to air cylinders , 24V pulse and 24V/240V servo motor versions, Stroke of 30/50/75mm on rod type and up to 100mm on table type, Lead and ball screw options determining the thrust force available


This is the enhanced third generation of IAI’s most popular series of linear actuator. The series incorporates a number of major design innovations which have greatly enhanced the performance.


The ICSA/ICSPA 0f IAI Cartesian robots are configuration units based on the two-axes and three-axes configuration patterns that are frequently used.

Table Top

The TTA series of IAI Table Top Robot provides a high performance, competitively priced and easy to use table-top robot, with excellent positioning repeatability of just ±0.02mm.


NNN Series  –  Standard Type The standard type combines the best performance and user-friendliness in it’s class. The selectable arm length (250mm to 1200mm) provides the flexibility to suit a wide range of applications.


This IAI SCARA Robot is mounted on a wall for operation. The space below the robot can be utilised effectively, so you will have more freedom in designing your equipment.


Introducing IAI SCARA Arm Lengths 180/250/550/650 Added in Cost-effective IXP Series, Giving More Variations to the Lineup The simple programming allows the easy development of 3-axes arc interpolated, and PATH moves.